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Wedding Photographer

I have been passionate photography for more than 40 years. I have photographed events and weddings all over the UK and offer the personal touch from small intimate weddings up to large showcase weddings in a Cathedral. Whatever the occasion or location, I will tailor our photography services to your individual requirements – capturing special memories that will bring enjoyment for a lifetime. I use a blend of 80% informal, 20% formal shots, a combination that works well and keeps everyone happy. My group photos are natural and relaxed – and done very quickly so that guests don't have the opportunity to moan about "that" photographer. We've all been to weddings where we've spent an age in the pouring rain, whilst a seemingly stressed photographer makes everyone wait their turn to be lined up and photographed in order of 'importance'!

In most cases I start at the bridal preparations, but it's your choice if you don't want that – I always stay until the speeches – but if you want me to stay for the first dance and disco then again you can choose. We would always meet a couple of times before your wedding to decide in advance exactly the type of coverage you want. Fun aside, my photography goal is always to capture personality, happiness and love… because that's what weddings consist of. After all of these years, I still get a buzz from capturing a spontaneous moment which you'll adore, whether it's of your guests, or the two of you. Much of my day will be spent finding these, and also all those wedding details that are important are included too.

So, how do you choose the perfect wedding photographer for your day?

As a photographer who's been involved in helping couples realise their wedding dreams for over 40 years (I have been to a lot of weddings), here are my top ten tips.

1. Don't just choose on price alone – I would say that wouldn't I, but whatever you do, it is almost impossible to compare photographers "like for like". Each has their own style, choice of albums etc. So, look at their portfolio or web site and make sure that you like the style of images that they produce. Then, decide if this person is within your budget? Make sure you understand what everything costs, what is included in packages including reprints and albums and ask yourself "Is he or she worth the price difference?" In a recent survey, when asked what they would change about their wedding, 75% of brides said they wished they had put more of their budget aside for the wedding photographs, rather than on fripperies.

2. Book a professional "Wedding" Photographer - That is one experienced and specialising in weddings. Good wedding photographers have a sixth sense and spot opportunities before they even happen. They have to work fast and deal with changing light and environments to capture those special moments. They are often found acting as part wedding planner (ensuring timings are kept to, providing tissues for mum, liaising with the vicar and the venue) as well as just coping with the natural emotions of the day! Most importantly, they must be good with people. In my experience, Grooms (and often guests) don't do "faff". Someone skilled at directing people around without fuss or delay really enhances the smooth running of the day. There's a world of difference between a good photographer and a good wedding photographer. A few words on the "but I have a friend with a "good" camera" discussion. I have some professional scissors but you probably wouldn't want me to cut your hair (would you?)!

3. Make sure you actually LIKE your photographer! - You will spend as much time with them on the day as your partner. When you meet with a photographer, make sure you're meeting with the person who will actually shoot your wedding. If you're still having trouble deciding, book an engagement session first and take your photographer for a "test drive" before the big day.

4. References: - Check out reviews and testimonials. A personal reference is always the best and people love to talk. Be wary if there aren't any on a photographer's website!

5. Be really clear about what you want - Don't worry about being a "bride diva" because everyone has very different understanding of what things mean. People can mess up, with the best of intentions, if they misunderstand you. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you there's no such thing as 'over-communicating'. On the flip side, if you DON'T have specific things in mind and you like your photographer's portfolio, it's totally okay to just let them do their thing.

6. Think twice about just going for a digital only package - After spending money on your wedding photos, please, please do not leave them just sitting on a computer. DVDs and hard drives do get scratched or malfunction. If you are not ordering prints or an album from your wedding photographer, as soon as you get your disc have them printed on archival paper by a professional photo lab for safekeeping. If you can't afford an album immediately ask if your photographer will do flexible payment terms, or is willing to do an album later.

7. Think about the time of year you are getting married - In winter (or just our sometimes variable summer); you may need someone experienced in shooting in low light, candlelight and rain. This is where skilled photographers really come into their own. No camera however good, is going to compensate for those sorts of conditions; it is up to the person operating it!

8. Truth in Advertising - It is a natural assumption that the images on a photographer's website or brochure are their own work. However, they can be furnished by whoever made the website or brochure. Are the images you are seeing from a real wedding or "stock" photos from a controlled shoot? A wedding is definitely not a controlled shoot and the photographer must know what is happening and where to be when it does. If you have doubts, don't be afraid to ask where the weddings were and the names of the bridal couple in the photos. Look for complete sets from actual weddings rather than just 3 or 4 portfolio shots from several different weddings.

9. Insurance and back-up - Boring but essential. Your chosen photographer should have public liability insurance. Carrying backup equipment is essential. If the camera malfunctions (and they do from time to time), everything stops till it's fixed (If it can't be fixed you will have no photos

10. The date, when it's gone – it's gone - Your photographer will probably be exclusive to you on your wedding day, so choose and book your photographer as soon as you have set your date, and chosen your venue. Remember that dates in July and August often get booked up first – it's when the teachers all get married!

So let's keep this simple

In the past I have offered a variety of package options for our Wedding Photography service. What I have learned from our experience is that couples, when looking to book a photographer would like to have a far clearer idea from the outset of what their photographer is offering and what it will cost.

Instead of offering a variety of packages – I now give you simple options of a full coverage including all digital images and a bespoke photo album, full coverage with just digital images or finally part coverage with or without album.

Full Coverage Wedding Photography

I will cover your entire day – from the bride getting ready right through to your Speeches. (I am happy to stay for longer if you have a specific requirement). I will work alongside another photographer to obtain maximum coverage. My service includes a free, no obligation consultation where we will discuss your wedding in detail and outline your photography plan. If you are happy and agree to book us for your big day we will ask for a deposit to confirm your booking.

After your wedding I will upload your images into a secure private gallery for you and your guests to view (Login and Password details will be supplied on the day). The gallery is normally available within 14 days of the wedding. Your guests will be able to purchase prints or digital images from the website if they wish, but there is no obligation whatsoever. If you have chosen to have a photo album you can use this gallery to choose your images or I am happy to come to you where we will sit together and make your album. (Your album will have capacity for approximately 30-35 photographs). You will be provided with a Memory stick containing all full resolution images (The average wedding I cover has around 300 images plus black and whites)

Including Album – £1300 or Without Album – £900

Part Coverage Wedding Photography

If you do not want me to cover your whole day, I do have alternatives where I can cover a specific time period suited to your requirements.

My pricing for part coverage will be determined by your requirements, but as a guide I charge an initial fee of £700. All digital images will be included free and you can add an album to your order for either £200 or £300 depending on the album size (This is determined by how many pages are included)