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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cancellation / refund policy
As part of the competitive pricing for the workshops they are non-refundable except at my discretion. However you may reschedule your workshop for another date (must notify at least 5 days before your booked workshop) or give / sell your workshop to someone else at no extra charge.

What if it rains
To a degree the workshops operate rain or shine. In light rain we push through with umbrellas, and even help you improve your technique in the wet.

Bringing an extra person (Husband, Wife, Father etc)
You may bring along a friend or relative free of charge. While this guest is welcome to join us on the workshop and listen in, they are allowed absolutely no photo taking themselves. Equally, guests must remember that we're here for the photographers first, and therefore priority in the workshop is given to those photographers booked first and foremost. We obviously won't be ignoring you (far from it), it simply must be kept in mind on busy workshops especially.

How to book
Simply navigate to the relevant workshop page here on the website and click the "Buy Now" button next to the date you wish to enrol on.

Is transport provided
Each photographer is responsible for his / her own transportation. However car-pooling from hotels etc during the event is encouraged both to minimise the number of vehicles at shooting locations and to get know one another.

Is accomodation included
Each photographer is responsible for his / her own accomodation.

How advanced do I need to be
Anyone will find my workshops to be a great learning experience. Photographers vary from novice through to advanced amateur and semi-pro. You should, however, ensure you check out the "Experience" tab on each of the workshops as obviously some are more advanced than others. Always bring you camera manual and any notes or books you have been studying.

What kind and how much equipment should I bring
Essentially bring with you your camera, memory card and any lenses that you have if using a DSLR. Each of the workshops details if specific equipment is required, such as tripods etc. The most important piece of equipment after that listed above is your "manual".

How should I dress
Come prepared for anothing and bring an extra layer of warm clothes if attending workshops at higher altitiudes or during the winter months. Hiking boots, gloves and a hat are essential to stay dry, warm and comfortable whilst in the field.